Commercial Moving Companies Overland Park

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As one of the leading commercial moving companies in Overland Park, Mike Hammer’s Local Moving provides 30 years of expertise for any business. Your electronics, furniture, and specialized equipment require great care.

What is Required in Completing a Commercial Move?

Moving businesses from one location to another is different than when packing your residence. Your company makes money with dozens of fragile electronic devices and specialized pieces of equipment. There are more pieces of bulky furniture to consider such as desks and meeting tables in a business move than in a residential move. Mike Hammer’s Local Moving services include professional packing and loading. We inspect every piece of furniture for the padding necessary to avoid damaging your property and the building.

How Much Does Commercial Moving Cost?

The cost of commercial moving is between $5000 to $10000. The average cost stands around 75 cents per square foot and increases with the number of employees you have. A small business move costs half as much as that for a thirty-person company.

The cost of a professional commercial move is vastly lower than when paying for new furniture or equipment. Companies spend between $200 and $2000 per employee on new furniture with an additional cost of $300 to $3000 for a computer. The typical cost of new furniture for a thirty-person company is as high as $60000.

What Should I Look for in a Commercial Moving Company?

Your business operates on respect and credibility. Your movers should do the same. Asking employees to put in extra leg work to help move your furniture and equipment carries additional risks including injury.

A licensed mover with a pedigree for success reduces risk and can even reduce cost. Packaging material, padding, analysis, and truck rental cost money. Damage to your new or former lease also carries an additional cost burden.

Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our company has helped over 20,000 customers in thirty years of business. With hundreds of thousands of miles driven in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, we know how to make your move a success.

Do I Need Commercial Moving Insurance?

While hiring a professional greatly reduces the risk of moving, there are instances when damage occurs. There is always a risk of something unforeseen happening. A bad third-party driver can throw a kink into even the best-laid plans.

To avoid complications in the process, moving insurance helps reduce the cost of damage to your business with an immediate resolution. We recommend looking into an appropriate solution. Companies such as Progressive and eMove offer a full range of coverage.

Looking for Commercial Moving Companies in Overland Park?

Business is booming and you need to move to a larger space or a location with lower rent. As a company with vast amounts of experience, Mike Hammer’s Local Moving helps customers get from point-to-point with ease and peace of mind. Our analysts are ready to start the moving process. Get in touch with our professionals today to learn how Mike Hammer’s Moving can work for you! Avoid the risk and hire a professional for your next move.

Commercial Moving Companies Overland Park

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Commercial Moving Companies Overland Park

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