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Article provided by: 2 Burley Men Moving Ltd.

If you’re moving soon, make 2 Burley Men your professional movers in Surrey. You’ve likely thought about everything it will take to execute your move and figured it would be much easier to hire a professional moving company. Well, you were right! 2 Burley Men won’t disappoint! You can rely on our skilled movers and drivers to get you loaded up and on your way in no time. We’ll even sweep the place you’re leaving on the way out.

To accommodate all of our neighbors’ moving service needs, 2 Burley Men offers both local moves and long-distance moves. Each service is straight-forward and revolves around giving the client what they need when they need it.

Local Moves

If you are moving from Surrey to Surrey or a nearby town, there are no better movers in Surrey than 2 Burley Men. Why do we claim so? Because we provide the best combination of low price, great service, fast moves, and highly skilled moving technicians, meaning that our moving service is the best value in town.

2 Burley Men determines if a move is “local” based on whether or not we can get you moved to your new place and get our truck back to where it started within the same day. This allows our local moving service to include a much larger geographical area than most other movers in Surrey.

Long-Distance Moves

2 Burley Men provides long-distance moves to anywhere in Canada. We partner with a network of the most trusted and reliable moving companies throughout the nation to get you where you’re going in a timely and budget-friendly manner. Don’t worry! 2 Burley Men vets all of our partners before networking with them to ensure that we only pass our valued clients off into good hands.

2 Burley Men’s long-distance moving fees are based on the weight of the load in transit. Feel free to call for a quote if you have a long-distance move coming up. You might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our moving services are.

We Place Safety as Priority Number One

We can’t overstate this point! Safety truly is our number one concern at 2 Burley Men, probably more than any other movers in Surrey. This means that we care about your physical safety more than anything else. The way we assure this to you is by hiring great workers with clean records. This means that our movers and drivers are sober and crime-free, so you can trust them in your house or establishment. We also place a high degree of emphasis on continuous training to ensure best practices on the job.

Our never-ending training regimen ensures that your belongings are always safe with us. During the move, you need to know that your truck is loaded professionally, all things are packed neatly, and everything is wrapped and boxed securely. If you’d like to secure the services of our professional movers in Surrey, give us a call.



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